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The rubber mixing curing equipment
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The rubber mixing curing equipment


The principle of formulation design of rubber can be summarized as follows:

1、 保證硫化膠具有指定的技術性能,使產品優質;

1, ensure the technical performance of vulcanized rubber is specified, the product quality;

2、 在膠料和產品制造過程中加工工藝性能良好,使產品達到高產;

2, the processing in the rubber material and product manufacturing process performance is good, so that products meet the high yield;

3、 成本低、價格便宜;

3, low cost, low price;

4、 所用的生膠、聚合物和各種原材料容易得到;

4, the use of rubber, polymers and various raw materials easy to get;

5、 勞動生產率高,在加工制造過程中能耗少;

5, labor productivity is high, in the manufacturing process, less energy consumption;

6、 符合環境保護及衛生要求;

6, in line with environmental protection and hygiene requirements;